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Operational Update after Mexico Earthquake

A powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck southern Mexico on Tuesday, in Puebla state, 123 km from Mexico City. After the earthquake, Mexico City is in a state of emergency: fallen buildings, some fires caused by the earthquake, and significant impacts to telecommunications and the electric grid.

Hellmann Road & Rail with new logistics partner for transports to Italy

Osnabrück, August 29, 2017. Effective October 1, 2017, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics will be changing its partner for road and rail transports for Italy. In the future, the Osnabrück-based company will be handling daily scheduled services to and from Italy together with the Bianchi Group. With the new partner, Hellmann will be able to offer shorter run times and an optimized route network.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics: New Company Structure, Effective August 1, 2017

Osnabrueck, July 31, 2017. The Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Group is currently undergoing realignment and reorganization, adapting the company's legal organization to its continuous expansion, and changing market requirements. As of August 1, 2017, Hellmann will consist of a parent holding company and the three divisions - Air & Sea, Road & Rail and Contract Logistics, which operate as legally independent subgroups. Reorganizing the business into divisional companies along with the three main product groups is the key component of this future-oriented realignment.

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